Expert in medical laser, with over 20 years of experience in aesthetic cuta-neous laser treatments and laser gynecoesthetic procedures. Currently head of the Medical Laser Unit in HM Hospital Monteprincipe as well as having his own private clinic in Madrid Spain.

Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery from Complutense University of Madrid. Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. PhD from University Rey Juan Car-los, Research Proficiency.

Member of the prestigious American Society of Medical Surgical Laser (ASLMS) and the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Laser (SELMQ). On the board of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Medical Laser.Recently elected as Vice president of SEGERF (Spanish society of Esthetic Gynecology Functional and Regenerative).

Visiting professor at different spanish universities as Rey Juan Carlos Madrid Uni-versity (Master program in Aesthetic Medicine), Master in Aesthetic Medicine Al-calá de Henares Madrid University , Master in Advanced Techniques and Aesthetic Laser Hospital NISA Valencia CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Cordoba Univer-sity, Complutense de Madrid University and Visiting Professor at University La Plata Argentina.

Advanced Lecturer at Laser and Health Academy (LAHA).

KOL of different world laser dermatology and surgery companies.

Cesar Arroyo MD teaches several courses for physicians experienced in the man-agement of laser dermoaesthetic, aesthetic and functional gynecolaser as well as giving specialized conferences on the development and new advances in this parti-cular field both nationally and internationally. Has published several articles on Me-dical Cutaneous Laser for national and international medical magazines.