Rap Legal Guide

Yo yo, listen up, I got some legal advice
With all these laws and rules, it’s hard to roll the dice
Let’s talk about CAS requirements IB, keep it tight
When you’re studying, gotta do it right

Next up, I got some tips on how to negotiate car value with insurance company
When your car’s in a jam, they’ll help you see
Or maybe you’re wondering how to get land documents
It’s important info, can’t be ignored

But wait, I know you might be thinking
How long should I keep my car insurance documents blinking?
Check this out, UK guidelines are here
Make sure you’re covered, have no fear

Let’s get into some legal terms, like mens rea
In criminal law, it’s important, I swear
And for all you wolf lovers out there, listen up
To find out where it’s legal to own a wolf, fill up your cup

For those who love to play, there’s flag football rules for PE
Get outside and have some fun, oh yeah, just be free
And if you’re wondering about the US legal system, let me tell ya
It’s got its own style, a unique aura

But if you’re in Colorado, and you see a red light
You gotta know the law, gotta do it right
Last but not least, to end this rap attack
Is a question – zero-hour contracts in the UK, is it whack?

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