Comprehensive training in sexual rejuvenation aesthetics from the leading gynaecology surgeons in Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures.

Aesthetic Gynaecology
Module RM/S- AG

Explore cutting-edge treatments aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing vaginal health and aesthetics. This comprehensive course delves into advanced procedures such as the O-Shot for enhanced arousal, radio frequency and laser therapies for tissue rejuvenation, carboxytherapy to stimulate collagen production, dermal fillers for augmentation and rejuvenation, the G-Shot to amplify sexual pleasure, labia augmentation techniques, mesotherapy for tissue hydration and rejuvenation, exosome therapy for cellular regeneration, and cosmetic bleaching for aesthetic enhancement. Gain insight into each treatment’s mechanisms, applications, and patient suitability, equipping yourself with valuable knowledge to deliver optimal care and satisfaction.


Penis Enlargement
Module RM/S-M03

Shaft enlargement
Glance enlargement
Anatomy of the penis
Which filler to use and why
Mechanism of action
Patient selection
Indications and contraindications
How case on real patient by trainer
Training on elastic model
Hands on patients
How to market