Using DealRoom to Organize Resources for Due Diligence

Being an buyer or investor in a merger, acquisition or investment transaction requires lengthy reviews and examining a lot of documents. This can be time-consuming particularly when parties are reviewing huge quantities of information in a variety of due diligence areas such as intellectual property, financial and tax. To avoid confusion and reduce the possibility of missing items, it is necessary to prepare a comprehensive list of all documents that must be requested during the review process.

A thorough due diligence checklist for businesses can help you find important information, and ensure that every aspect of the review is covered. For instance the human capital component of a review can look at the staff and employees, their wages, and benefits. This can include a breakdown according to the position of employees and a comparison of salaries for people in similar roles within their industry or region. It also will look into the company’s policies and procedures around hiring and firing employees, employee remuneration and incentive programs vacation and sick leave and any contracts or termination packages.

Many of these areas of due diligence will require the input of consultants and specialists. It is recommended to establish a timeline for completing the review and then define clear guidelines to avoid delays, confusion, and duplicate work. Using a CRM system like DealRoom can improve the efficiency of this process by providing a single platform for all communications, documents and tasks that need to be streamlined.

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